Yes, they really are hand made
Tuesday, May 16, 2017
Yes, they really are hand made

Some photographers strictly love the process of capturing the image; thats why they chose this profession.  I'm a little bit different because I'm very old school.  To me, the appeal is the ENTIRE process from capture to portrait delivery.When I started in photography, the consummate professional didn't just do the image capture, but created prints in the darkroom as well.  I still feel this way; its just not the same if I haven't actually created the final portrait myself.It goes further than mere enjoyment on my part though.  By creating these portraits myself, I can select the very finest materials at each step of the way; the finest 100% cotton archival papers ...

4 Steps to control the digital image monster
Tuesday, February 28, 2017
Yes, they really are hand made

The Deluge of Digital Images - make it stop! First, stand in front of a mirror… Yes, YOU are the key! You probably don’t want to hear this but you have to edit, edit, edit!  Here are 4 simple steps to help you start to tackle this monster! Step 1:Let’s take your phone for instance, how often do you simply go through it and delete the ‘utility’ pics?  You know the kind I mean, the ones where you take a pic of something to show someone else.  Those have a lifespan of minutes most of the time.  Delete! Step 2:How many pics of lattes and/or cocktails and food are in there?  Delete!    Step 3:Memes! ...

What you can't see matters - Part 2
Wednesday, January 11, 2017
Yes, they really are hand made

100% cotton - why it matters  The material your fine portrait is produced on matters perhaps more than any other single component.  It is the very foundation of longevity and beauty. The funny thing is, the materials that gave the greatest beauty and durability hundreds of years ago, still do; high quality pigments on 100% cotton fiber.Whether it is canvas or paper, 100% cotton means it will last.  Papers and canvas that have been around for centuries both in books and paintings are all cotton.  Needless to say, all canvas and paper are NOT created equal.  Many well made paper and canvas products may have what are called brightening agents incorporated into them ...

What you can't see matters - Part 1
Friday, December 23, 2016
Yes, they really are hand made

Archival mounting of your fine print - it matters!Hayward takes a LOT of pride in his fine art black and white portraits.  The thing that makes them special is actually that they are handmade at every step!  Hayward starts with the hand-printing on 100% cotton archival paper. (That will be a subject for another post for sure!)  But this archival issue is really a big deal and its really hard to achieve. In order for a fine portrait to have true longevity, it cannot be in contact with an adhesive.  If the adhesive were ever to degrade, it would of course, degrade the fine print.  So how do you hold the print in place under the mat?  What you see in the ...

The high cost of our incredible technology
Wednesday, December 14, 2016
Yes, they really are hand made

I have said it over and over; today's digital cameras are absolute marvels.  They are scary smart in how well they can create beautifully exposed images.  This ability has been a game changer in how large of a role photography plays in our lives today as compared to 20 years ago.Modern digital camera technology has charged ahead so quickly and so successfully that we are now drowning in images!You know what hasn't changed though?  The length of a day - it is still 24 hours.  And the list of things that want a piece of that day seems practically never ending.These incredible cell phones and cameras that we have now can create images at such a staggering rate that we ...