Our Guarantee

Our guarantee is simple,

Love your Portrait or your session is FREE

If you can't already tell by this offer, we are incredibly passionate about creating fine portraits that our clients LOVE.  Not like, not buy because they came at a good price, but LOVE.

Fine portraits of your family or children are one of the most special types of art that a family will ever own.  If they don't love them, they will never display them in beautiful large prints  in their home and that means they will never truly enjoy all that fine family and children's portraiture has to offer.

Whats the catch?

The only catch is that you actually have to give us a try!  You see, this really is the way we do business with EVERY client.  If a client is ever unhappy with how their portraits turn out we will gladly re-shoot them and if they are still unhappy,  refund the price of the session!

Isn't this just a common sense way that you would expect to be treated?

We'd like to think so.  And we are willing to back it up.

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